Over 500


Variety is the spice of life and we like variety. Every day Nikki and her partners make fresh ice cream for the day, and every day they experiment with new flavors, new ingredients and new combinations. Over the years we have developed more than 500 recipes and some customers actually keep log on our flavors having tried over 350 of them.

Despite the variety in flavors our gelato contains only simple ingredients like milk, sugar and eggs. We make our own caramel and cookies and use only  organic chocolate, fruit and nuts. No artificial taste enhancers, colorants or any other crap that only serves to make gelato cheaper or easier to make. No prefabricated stuff out of a can.

That way we believe we will not only be able to serve you better tasting gelato, but we think it will be healthier as well. And perhaps just a little bit friendlier to the planet. We like our stuff to taste – and feel – good.

Organic ice cream ingredients at Stikki Nikki in Stockholm
Organic ice cream in Stockholm at StikkiiNikki

Yes, we are


Since the start in 2008, we have tried to only use organic ingredients. We choose locally produced or Fair Trade certified as much as possible.


Goes in

To make sure we make the best gelato we can we make everything from scratch ourselves, not just the gelato but everything that goes in it. We hand scrape vanilla beans to make our own vanilla extract and we cook fudge, caramel and cookie dough every week.

Our raw materials come from all over. Some we import ourselves, and every year we find a couple of more amazing suppliers from all over the world from which we can import weird stuff that can be made into ice cream.

The suppliers of StikkiNikki are either certified organic companies with outstanding products, or small friendly ones like our regular customer who grows chili for us on his balcony or our friend who sells us the honey from his 2 beehives located on a rooftop in Stockholm. Cooking is 80% about the ingredients and 20% knowledge of how to use them, so we take our ingredients and suppliers almost as seriously as our gelato.

  • Milk


    Our milk is all organic as is any cream or other dairy products we use. Some days we use up to 1.000 liters of it so milk is important to us.

  • Sugar


    We use only organic raw unprocessed sugar since even organic white sugar has been processed with chemicals and we prefer to not have that.

  • Eggs


    Organic eggs from free range hens.

  • Nuts


    All kind of nuts are used in our ice cream machine - both for flavor and for making our own vegan nut milk for the vegan gelato flavors.

  • Vanillla


    Our vanilla beans have been imported by Nikki in a suitcase and we scrape them by hand to make our own organic vanilla extract.

  • Fruit


    Sometimes we use fresh fruit, sometimes we use organic fruit purée and sometimes we just use juice. It depends on what makes the flavor and texture work best.

  • Saffron


    The most expensive spice on Earth... And we use it quite often!

  • Chocolate


    Chemical love in its best form. Ours come from Malmö Chokladfabrik and is all organic and Fair Trade.

  • Liquorice


    We use two types of liquorice. One is imported from a small organic producer in Italy. The other one is Salmiak - a special Swedish variety which is not organic but which our hardcore liquorice customer fanatics insist on getting anyway.

What does


Doing good gelato means something that tastes as good as possible but also something that is healthier for you and wrecks the planet as little as possible. Less fat, less sugar, no chemicals, no additives and the best quality ingredients. We use no artificial stuff whatsoever and we also make everything that goes into the gelato ourselves from scratch. Like it used to be done before it got easier to buy a bucket of prefabricated stuff to just mix with milk and freeze.

Organic ice cream with no chemicals added at Stikki Nikki in Stockholm
Vegan ice cream in Stockholm - StikkiNikki



StikkiNikki’s vegan assortment has increased quite a bit over the years. Nowadays we produce almost 50% vegan! All of our sorbets are, of course, always vegan, but to make real gelato vegan style we make our own nut milk, or we use coconut milk. As for the actual flavor watch out for some innovative combinations!