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Queen of ice cream. Nicole Emson serves cups and waffle cones to people in Stockholm. Now, she shares her recipes for making ice cream pops.

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Learn how to make ice cream pops from gelato guru Nicole Emson. Recipes with instructions from Swedish bakery magazine BAKA.

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Homemade ice cream on fresh ingredients is considered an human right in most European countries - except from in Sweden. Nicole Emson senses a shift.

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Whatsup Sthlm

The ice cream is world class! Only natural ingredients. One get to taste every flavor before one buys anything. And there's nothing wrong about the size!

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Ice cream free from chemicals made of organic ingredients is popular. But bacon topping was not a hit among the vegans on Södermalm!

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Stockholm City

Our favorite ice cream bars in Stockholm. Nikki learned to make gelato in Italy but it tastes like it is made by someone who grew up on Ben & Jerry's.

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Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet tested 13 of Stockholm's most popular ice cream bars. StikkiNikki was best in test!