Allergy information - STIKKINIKKI
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Allergy information

We use the same machine for all production, but clean it between allergy-sensitive flavours. Because all products are served from the same ice cream display, all gelato might contain traces of gluten, peanuts, nuts, milk, egg, sesame seeds. If you are hyper allergic to any of the ingredients below, please don’t eat our gelato!


  • We do not use gluten in our gelato bases, but flavours with crunchy “add-ins” or ingredients like Oreos or cookie dough might contain gluten.
  • If you have Celiac disease (extreme intolerance for gluten), please do not eat our gelato.


  • All sorbets are vegan. All vegan flavours contain no animal products, i.e. no dairy or eggs.

  • The chocolate we use is vegan.


  • We sometimes use raw fruits and nuts i.e. not heated or flash pasteurized therefore not suitable for people with extremely weakened immune systems.


  • We do not use soy milk in any of our gelato, however, we do use organic chocolate that can contain soy.