Nicole Pepper was born in Texas and was during her childhood called “StikkiNikki” on account of her long, skinny legs. After fleeing her redneck childhood town she traveled the world. Her professional experience includes various pastry chef gigs in luxury hotels and resorts in the Caribbean and the US, private chef on the French Riviera, an entrepreneur running her own business making wedding cakes, a handmade pasta maker in Italy and a gelato maker in Italy. She came to Sweden in 2007.

Nikki has always been very particular with what she eats herself and what she cooks for others. According to her, too many worry too much about profit levels and glitzy design, and not enough about personal service and product quality. Her dream is to have a fun business that can support a decent lifestyle for her family – not a moneymachine that consumes her.

Nicole Emson making KRAV gelato in Stockholm at Stikki Nikki
Ice cream kiosk in Swedish colors - organic StikkiNikki's first shop

The story of


StikkiNikki is a small family operated and owned business run with a lot of heart and a fair bit of improvisation. We want to do one thing – make gelato – and do it well in a way we can be proud of. When we started in 2008, we made our organic gelato in a little kiosk by the water in central Stockholm. Today we produce it in our new production location at Norra Djurgårdsstaden and deliver to our other stores every morning. With eight stores our business is large enough to make a lot of customers happy and have room for talented people helping us, but not so big we do not have time to visit all our shops every day and hang around talking to our faithful gelato aficionado customers.

Want to


We do not believe in doing marketing as we believe customers will do that job using social media, provided they like your products enough. But sometimes we do joint events and things with partners just because of a good cause or simply for fun. If you have suggestions feel free to email us and share your thoughts!

Ice cream partners Stikki Nikki in Stockholm


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